EnErgo* Human made recruitment


EnErgo*​ is a full-service recruitment agency for ICT and engineering  (recruiting solely inside the EU)

We believe that “the war for talent” is not to be won by more shooting but by using the right weapon!

Using vitamin A(ttention) to understand the needs and gain the trust of the candidate must be the new way of recruiting.
We offer full-service recruitment, completed with relocation+ services and employee coaching, because we are convinced that this is the best way for getting a happy candidate/employee and a satisfied and carefree employer!

Our Model: Impresario

YOU ARE THE ORCHESTRA OF YOUR LIFE! We just facilitate the play.

EnErgo* recruitment is:
* Young business (with a lot of experience)
* Service oriented
* Human driven
* Non-conformistic
and has Creativity and Innovation as a weapon

Our team
We work with a team of experienced consultants (Shell, TNO, Randstad). They have not only a lot of experience in their field, but also in life! A beter understanding of the qualities and needs of the candidates makes it possible to formulate and define their career opportunities.

Our candidates