En-Ergo* is a full service recruitment agency specializing in the ICT and technology sectors.

Full service:

Advice & guidance during the entire recruitment & selection process.

Arranging all practical matters during the process (tickets, transport, accommodation).

Relocation+ services:

  • Finding and arranging housing.
  • Registrations, insurance, taxes, GP etc.
  • Guidance of candidates before, during & after the mediation!
  • Request 30% ruling.
  • Permanent supervisor for the candidate for all practical (or not) questions up to 6 months after starting employment.
  • Access to an extensive support network for advice, questions, support & fun!

Our candidates have:

– Excellent command of English
– Well-educated (Master or PhD or Bachelor with extensive experience!)
– Originating from the European Union, which means limited cultural differences

Call +31624467416 for an appointment.

If you have specific questions, you can send a message.